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 Chicken Satay (4pcs)

Strips of chicken marinated in our special recipe, then grilled with coconut oil, served with peanut sauce.

Spring Roll (4pcs)

Thai style spring rolls with mince pork served with Thai sweet chilli sauce.

Fish Cake (4pcs)

Mince fish with chilli paste, deep fried and served with cucumber salad.

Calamari Rings (8pcs)

Thai style deep fried calamari served with sweet chilli sauce.

Curry Puff (4pcs)

Deep fried pastry with mince beef, potatoes, onion, curry powder and seasoning.

Mixed Entree (6pcs)

Satay, Spring Roll, Fish Cake, Calamari Ring, Curry Puff & Mixed Sauce.

Thai Dim Sim (4pcs)

Thai Style Steam Dim Sim with pork and prawns.

Money Bag (4pcs)

Deep fried pastry with vegetarian style, onion, waterchestnut, peas, carrot & corn served with peanut plum sauce.

Chaingmai Sausage (4pcs)

Most popular spicy Northern Thai style sausage with pork mince, fresh herbs, lemongrass, lime leaves and seasoning.

Quail Garlic Pepper (2pcs)

Deep fried marinated quail with garlic, pepper and garnished with seasoned onion and capsicum. 

Soft Crab Crispy (2pcs)

Deep fried seasoned Soft Shell Crab served with chilli mayonnaise sauce.

Prawn Rolls (4pcs)

Thai style deep fried seasoned Prawn Rolls with pastry, served with chilli sauce.

Coconut Prawns (4pcs)

Deep fried King Prawns in batter and shredded coconut served with curry mayonnaise sauce.